Cell Phone Trickery

Cell Phone Trickery


Earlier this year, a new scam began cropping up on Craigslist, this time attacking sellers. Popular shopping blog The Consumerist reports that sellers of various items may be contacted by a seemingly interested buyer who claims they’re too busy to talk at the moment, but nonetheless want to buy what you’re selling. Instead of just asking for your phone number, they claim to use some kind of web service that stores information and request that you to visit their site and enter your phone number. This is so that they can call you later, or so they say.

Of course, for the gullible few who visit the strange URL and enter in their phone number, a buyer’s phone call is the last thing they receive. Instead, the website begins charging the cell phone owner a phantom fee of $9.95/month, with no apparent way to contact the offending business. For an example of the sort of email you should be on the lookout for, check out this one copied straight from Craigslist, or CLICK HERE……..BEWARE PEOPLE…THIS STUFF IS REAL AND IS HAPPENING TO 100S OF PEOPLE EVERYDAY.