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We Specialize in Difficult Process Servings

You’re probably here because you’re having difficulty getting papers served. We understand, and the good news is that you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s answer the first question first. Does a process server need to be licensed? The answer to that is, in California, “yes”. We are both licensed Private Investigators and registered as a process server as well. We can serve summons and complaints, subpoenas, temporary restraining orders (TRO’s), Applications and Orders for Appearance and Examination (ORAP’s) or any other legal documents that needs to be served on a person or business.

In most cases when you file legal papers a simple serving of process will do. Unfortunately, many people realize that they will soon be served with a lawsuit, subpoena, or other papers that will require then to be present in court. They will then do whatever necessary to hide and evade. Many make themselves “process server proof” and run the clock down on time. We understand how these people operate and can circumvent their roadblocks. We have the skills of creativity, logic, communication and the ability to use innovative techniques to complete an efficient serve.

Help us Prepare

Our success in serving a difficult client is enhanced when you help us plan and prepare by providing us with part of all of the following information in advance:

  • Name, address and personal phone numbers
  • Work address and work phone number
  • Aliases or nicknames
  • What kind of vehicle do they drive? Year, make, model, color or other unique identifiers are helpful too.
  • A picture or physical description of the person to be served
  • Is there a specific time service should be made?
  • Have they been avoiding service?
  • Is the individual known to be violent?
  • Any other information that may be useful

As private investigators and registered process servers, we can stakeout the subject and do “whatever it takes legally” to effectively serve process on a subject. Call us now to see how we can successfully serve your subject.

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