Moreno Valley Private Investigator (866) 652-4480

Moreno Valley Private Investigator (866) 652-4480

Quinn & Associates is a full service private detective agency serving attorneys and the general public in the Inland Empire’s city of Moreno Valley. We offer a variety of services to assist those in need of private and confidential information to assist in legal matters both business and personal. We charge reasonable fees and offer immediate assistance around the clock at (866) 652-4480

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Our Moreno Valley private detectives cover a wide range of civil investigations, criminal investigations, workman’s comp cases, cheating spouse investigations, divorce, domestic issues, undercover operations, and more.

As Private Investigators we assist Moreno Valley individuals, businesses and attorneys in the gathering of information, witnesses and key evidence on a wide variety of legal matters current or pending. This includes, but is not limited to the location of missing persons, witnesses, and surveillance. Further, our team of private detectives conduct professional background searches, employment investigations and other specialitzed investigations for both the insurance and legal community.

We are California Licensed private investigators serving Moreno Valley and the entire Inland Empire with many years of experience and work diligently to provide the most prompt and accurate information.

All work is performed in a private and highly confidential manner. Your initial consultation with us is free. Call us at any time day or night–from Moreno Valley or anywhere in the Inland Empire–to discuss your unique situation and how our private investigators can help. Phone (866) 652-4480.


We thought all was lost when we couldn’t find a key witness for our civil lawsuit, but the investigators at Quinn & were able to locate
our missing witness and prepare him for trial resulting in a case won. Great detective work! — Marjorie J. Riverside – Inland Empire

About Moreno Valley

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According to Wikipedia, Moreno Valley is a city located in Riverside County, California. A relatively young city, its rapid growth in the 1980s and the first decade of the 21st century made it second-largest city in Riverside County by population, and one of the Inland Empire’s population centers. Neighboring Riverside, California is the county seat and largest city in the county and the two cities are closely tied.

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Located just north of Lake Perris, Moreno Valley shares March Joint Air Reserve Base with both Riverside, California and the city of Perris. From 1957 to 1989, Riverside International Raceway occupied the current site of the Moreno Valley Mall. The Riverside International Raceway (Sometimes known as RIR or Riverside Raceway) race track was in operation from September 22, 1957, to July 3, 1989. Races held at the Riverside International Raceway included IMSA,NASCAR, Indycar, NHRA drag racing and AMA motorcycle racing.

By the early 21st century, the arrival of so many newcomers to Riverside County and the soaring cost of living in Los Angeles and Orange County combined to make the less-developed southern half of the Inland Empire a very attractive place for industry.

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From 1957 to 1989 the Riverside international Raceway occupied the current site of the Moreno Valley Mall. The mall is located toward the northern end of the former raceway. Nevertheless, Moreno Valley’s coming of age can also be seen in the growth of the area around the Moreno Valley Mall (former location of the Riverside Raceway from 1957 to 1989) and nearby Day Street, which straddles the border between Moreno Valley and Riverside. The area has seen massive construction in recent years, attracting Lowe’s, Starbucks, Outback Steakhouse, and other stores often seen as prestigious. A Pat & Oscar’s and PFF Bank & Trust are being built, and rumors of Famous Dave’s and Barnes & Noble coming to the area have emerged lately. These establishments are often seen as appealing to the upper-middle class; this appeal may help attract attention and money to the city.

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Quinn & Associates is proud to serve residents and businesses of Moreno Valley and the entire Inland Empire. Our service area includes all of the Inland Empire from the most Southeastern point bordering Orange County to the most western point of the Inland Empire in Blythe. Moreno Valley is a major service point for Quinn & Associates Private Investigators. When in doubt, we can find out. We know Moreno Valley well. As a Moreno Valley resident or business you can trust the Quinn & Associates (and our team of Private Investigators) to obtain the powerful information you need to win. Call us now on our Moreno Valley phone (866) 652-4480. Your phone consultation is free.

Moreno Valley Quick Facts:

Moreno Valley Incorporated 1984 | Moreno Valley Population (Census 2010): 186,365 | Market: Riverside-San Bernardino-Onatrio, Also known as The Inland Empire | Moreno Valley is City #2 in Riverside County | Moreno Valley is City #21 in California | Moreno Valley is City #119 in the United States | Land Mass: 51.275 sq mi (132.800 km2) | Moreno Valley Top Employer: March Air Force Base Reserve 9000 Soldiers/Employees | Moreno Valley City Website, click here.

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