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Infidelity Investigation, Aka CHEATING SPOUSES

Define infidelity:

It is, “The action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner”, or another definition is, “marital disloyalty; adultery, unfaithfulness; disloyalty”. Infidelity can ruin a home and destroy a family. Even if the couple has a good relationship with each other, infidelity can still occur. Temptation is around every corner and in a weak moment, people stray, they can be entrapped by lust. In some marriages there is an imbalance of commitment, one spouse may be more dedicated to the institution of marriage than the other. Problems occur in any marriage, whether financial, emotional or physical. Sometimes, in these situations, one or other of the partners may turn to someone outside of the marriage for help and support, and infidelity may be the outcome. Having an affair may offer instant, temporary happiness, a distraction from the problems of the marriage but inevitably this won’t last, and the problems are now magnified by the betrayal.

What to look for:

Secrecy, Late night computer use, High mileage on the car, Cryptic remarks made by friends, has a secret phone call or unknown numbers stored, sudden interest in appearance, clothing, athletic activities, etc.

Surveillance and Undercover Investigations

At Quinn & Associates Confidential, our surveillance investigators are highly experienced in every method of surveillance. Previous case worked by our professionals have included infidelity, workers compensation fraud, personal injury fraud, larceny, loss prevention, internal theft, black market, document tampering, threat assessment, malpractice and more……

Our seasoned investigators are equipped with the most advanced equipment needed (covert, long range, night vision) to capture and document video and or audio evidence in nearly any imaginable scenario. At Quinn & Associates Confidential, our professional practice is to submit immediate verbal updates to the client, complete written reports, statements, copies of the videos that depict the activity obtained during the investigation period at no additional charge to the client.

Employment Investigation

Employment screening investigation, we aid in all areas of gathering information on a potential employee in an effort to determine background and work history. Also, the legitimacy of a company providing the details regarding the company’s history and business practices, etc.

Corporate Investigation, Identity Theft

To determine the true identity of a person, Business identity search investigation, pre-trial preparation investigation, due diligence investigation, and employment screening investigation. Financial asset investigation continues to evolve through its techniques. Quinn & Associates Confidential serves as a practical primer, emphasizing the use of data collection, the latest computer technology, and tools for identifying, locating, and assessing debtors, assets and liabilities.

Quinn & Associates utilizes data gathering from computer data bases, human resources, surveillance, and public records. Our services cover both individuals and businesses. Our findings range from obtaining subjects basic identifiers, such as a social security number, to using key business ratios to calculate figures for a company’s balance sheet.

The new legal methods strive to incorporate more online and electronic resources and include a complete investigation through use of the Internet and on-site research. Additional new topics include financial investigation for security officers, piercing the corporate veil, news groups, and public record searching shortcuts.

Quinn & Associates Confidential is experienced in asset investigations; we will provide you (the client) with the facts. We do an excellent job of providing a detailed financial profile of the subject of the investigation. Asset investigations are time consuming and arduous. Often, one small piece of information can be the key to uncovering a wealth of information regarding the subject or business.

Child Support

Child support is defined as the obligation a parent has regarding the care and financial support of children of a relationship that has ended. Unfortunately there are many instances where one parent refuses to fulfill these obligations. Most state child support enforcement agencies do not have the resources to locate parents who have evaded child their support responsibilities. However, if you locate the deadbeat parent, the state will step in immediately and collect the money owed, using every available state agency responsible for collecting child support. Using our sophisticated network of investigators and contacts, we will track down the parent, locate and obtain information regarding their assets, and make certain that their responsibilities regarding their obligation are fulfilled by providing court admissible evidence.

Child Custody Investigations

Quinn & Associates has successfully investigated hundreds of Child Custody cases, and our success rate and investigative methods just keep getting better.

Insurance Fraud, Workers Compensation Fraud, Personal Injury Fraud

Insurance fraud and exaggerated claims affect all insurers and insured. The Investigation is critical in evaluating the validity of a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim. Interviews and video surveillance are a critical part of the claims process. In many cases, an outside private investigator is ideal for that process. Quinn & Associates has successfully investigated thousands of insurance fraud cases.

Additional Investigation Services

  • AOE/COE Investigations
  • Witness Statements
  • Criminal and Civil Investigations, Domestic
  • Health Care Investigations, Elderly Abuse
  • Domestic Violence and Prevention Consultation
  • Missing Persons, Skip Trace
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Process Services and Attorney Services

Special Services

  • Counter Surveillance, Cyber Crimes, Black Market Crimes,
  • Eavesdropping Investigations, home, business, vehicle, boat
  • Covert equipment, nanny cameras, security cameras, undercover
  • Special equipment sales & rental

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